Enforcement of Council Ordinances

How we Enforce our Ordinances

The Council enforces it’s Ordinances through a variety of ways, but this is all supported by our Law Enforcement Division.

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Anyone who does not follow Council Ordinances can be prosecuted by Court of Law in the Magistrate Court.

Our Law Enforcement Division

The Law Enforcement Division unlike others – operates on 24 hours a day every day of the year, through three rotating eight hour shifts.

Our Law Enforcement Division also assists the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force with any of the their operations when requested.

The Law Enforcement has the capacity to arrest those who break both the Ordinances and National Law within the Honiara Boundary, but all arrests are taken immediately to the RSIPF for processing.

What you can do

The responsibility for a clean healthy Honiara is shared by both the Council and all residents of Honiara.

If you want a clean, healthy and prosperous Capital City, then do your part by following the law and reporting to the Law Enforcement and/or Council any breach of the Ordinances.

Together, we want to work towards a clean, safe, harmonious, environmentally responsible, prosperous and resilient Capital City. This is only achieved through your help.

To report any offences or get more information, contact Law Enforcement at 27799.

You can also contact the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for any National Law offences at 23666.

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