Using the Land fill (dumpsite)

The Honiara City Council manages the Ranadi Landfill, which is to be used during the day Monday to Friday.

When disposing waste, follow the instructions of the two Officers at the dumpsite who will instruct you where and how to dispose of your rubbish.

You are expected to follow their instructions and cooperate responsibly, to make sure we have safe disposal of waste.

The Landfill is currently under rehabilitation where the Council is improving the management and disposal at the dumpsite.

The information displayed on this page is the base functions of the dumpsite, which will continued to be improved under the rehabilitation.

General waste

Plastic/Glass bottles and metal-cans should be recycled by a business or the supplier if possible. Otherwise they are to be disposed in the general waste area.

Plastics, glass, construction waste material and all other solid waste materials are to be disposed in a general disposal cell area.

For expired food goods, please contact the Environmental Health Division at 28295 for instruction.

Organic (plant) waste

Organic waste that can be put in a compost should not be taken to the dumpsite. The dumpsite has too much organic waste that can be composted at home, which is slowing down our services.

The materials that can be composted are:

  • Plant waste – banana peels, cabbage, dry coconut gratings, rice.
  • Egg shells (these take a long time to compost).
  • Grass clippings, plants, leaves.
  • Saw dust from cutting wood.
  • Manure – Kokorako, bats or any other vegetarian animal waste.

Animal meat or bones, or the manure of a meat-eating animal is not to be composted.

Copra waste is not accepted in the Landfill because it is flammable and can cause a health hazard

Hazardous materials

Asbestos is to be wrapped properly in plastic and buried in the allocated area. Contact the Landfill Supervisor for disposal instructions at 27545.

Sewage is to be disposed at the designated site. Follow the instructions of the Landfill Officers or call the Landfill Supervisor at 27545.

Healthcare waste

Healthcare waste is to be burned in the Healthcare waste pit.

Since we do not have incinerator for medical waste, we are currently temporarily using a open pit for hazardous waste such as medical waste.

You must put a tyre in the pit and then put your medical waste on top, and then light the waste on fire in the open pit. It is better to bring waste tyres if they have them or look round the dumpsite.

It is the responsibility of the person disposing the rubbish to monitor the fire until it has completely died and water is poured on the ashes.

General waste (non-medical) from the hospital or a clinic should not be burned in the Healthcare waste pit.

Bulky (large) Waste

Before you dispose bulky waste at the Landfill, it is advisable to contact the Landfill Supervisor at 27545 for instructions on safe and proper disposal. Incorrect disposal can become a hazard and/or slow down the service delivery of the Council. Bulky waste can include:
  • End of life vehicle bodies
  • Waste tyres
  • Saw dust or soil
  • Copra waste is not accepted as it is a fire hazard.
For more information on how to use the landfill, contact the HCC Works Division at 27545.

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