How to make a basic home compost

More than 50% of waste disposed at Ranadi Landfill is organic, and a lot of that can be composted at your own home. This is putting pressure on the Landfill and slowing down our waste collection.

To make sure we can have a cleaner Honiara, we need to practice waste segregation and compost our organic waste to reduce the amount of waste disposed of at the landfill every day.

What is Composting?

A method of breaking down organic material in to a dark colored soil that can be used as a fertilizer to enrich our garden’s growth and performance. You can do this at your own home.

Why Compost?

As population and consumption increases, amount of waste we generate also increases and creating environmental, social and economic problems. One way of addressing these problems is composting the organic waste. It is simple, cheap and gives you some good benefits.

Composting helps you to:

  1. Improve the condition of soil as it adds on required nutrients for plants to grow
  2. Reduce the amount of waste you dispose daily
  3. Earn some money from the compost soil as people are buying rich soil
  4. Earn money from the vegetables grown on the compost soil
  5. Improve the condition of soil for landscaping at home
  6. Reduces the need for new landfills or dumps
  7. Spend less money on vegetables for family food as you plant your own
  8. Reduces the pressure on the Council’s waste collection

How to make a basic home Compost

It is important that before you make basic home compost, you must:

  1. Decide on what simple materials you would like to use for making compost
  2. Choose an appropriate site in your backyard and dig a hole or use materials like empty drums, compost bins, timbers or bricks to build square lining for compost
  3. Spread crushed rotten coconut husk or death leaves in the hole or if drums or compost bins at the bottom
  4. Put organic waste in the hole or compost bin/ drum
  5. Turn the mixture once every day and make sure there is some air space inside.
  6. Add grass clippings or plants with your food scraps to make a healthy compost.
  7. Cover compost with plastic sheet to keep moisture and to avoid rain if you make open compost
  8. Cover compost with lid if you use compost bin, empty drum or any appropriate container to keep moisture
  9. Add small amount of water if the compost is dry to maintain moisture
  10. Also add some dead leaves if the compost has more water

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