Getting your own bins for proper waste collection.

Under the Litter Ordinance (2009), each house is required to provide a waste bin (receptacle) for the collection of rubbish.

Getting a waste bin is not free. You can either buy empty drums from an oil company or buy them for $30.00 from the Council’s Environmental Health Division (29295).

Criteria for a proper waste bin

1. Waste bin must be made of strong materials that withstand frequent handling and rain.
2. Waste bin must have tight fitting lid.
3. Waste bin must be within the volume of 50 to 200 litres.
4. Waste bin must be securely stored on a bin stand or platform from dogs and other animals during storage.
5. Get a new bin when yours is rusty and dangerous for Council rubbish collectors.

How to get own waste bin

The Honiara City Council’s Environmental Health Division supplies painted waste bins at the price of $30.00.

Alternatively empty drum bins can be purchases from oil companies, or wheel-bins can be bought from other hardware shops.

When you set up you bin, construct a bin-stand along the roadside to prevent dogs from getting into your rubbish. The bin stand should be clear from vehicles and built at a reasonable height that is easy for rubbish collectors to collect without any problems.

For more information, contact the Environmental Health Division on 28295.

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